Jordan Lane Development

Jordan Lane developent in Arlington, TX

The Jordan Lane development raised property values by more than $845,000.

TCHP is proud to announce the completion of the Jordan Lane project, a City of Arlington collaboration which centered around the construction of 11 new homes on a single street in one of Arlington's oldest neighborhoods.

Located in the west central section of town about 10 minutes from UT Arlington and the city's famed entertainment district, Jordan Lane is a quiet street nestled in the corner of a neighborhood known for its post-war homes, mature trees and immediate proximity to downtown.

"Like many older neighborhoods, this one offers lots of character and personality," said Donna Van Ness, TCHP's president. "However, as the years have gone by, many of the homes have fallen into the disrepair that's not uncommon in our older communities.

"In the effort to mitigate neighborhood blight and encourage revitalization, TCHP was tapped by the City of Arlington to redevelop the Jordan Lane section of the neighborhood," said Van Ness. "We have been asked to lead similar projects in the past, such as the Toliver Acres and Henco projects in Arlington and Fort Worth."

In addition to the demolition of dwellings that didn't meet the city's minimum property standards, the Jordan Lane project ultimately resulted in the construction of 11 three-bedroom, two-bath homes whose exteriors are synchronized with the general character of the neighborhood.

The square footage of each single-family home ranges from 1,200 to 1,500. About half of the properties have an Energy Star rating, which means that they meet stringent efficiency standards outlined by the U.S. government. Also, each home boasts newly-installed Energy Star-rated appliances.

The homes of Jordan Lane also feature spacious bedrooms, brick mailboxes, generous front and back yards, and new landscaping.

Once constructed, all of the properties were offered for sale at below-market prices, in conjunction with down payment assistance for first-time homebuyers, in keeping with TCHP's mission to increase access to affordable housing for hard-working community members.

"We have sold all of the properties, and in many instances the buyer has already moved in and gotten established in the neighborhood," said Van Ness. "Represented among these homeowners are people working in higher education, non-profit, construction, government, private sector, and manufacturing environments.

"In other words, the new homeowners are the usual 'Main Street USA' community members who tend to be highly represented among our clients," she added. "Our programs make homeownership a possibility for emerging professionals, single working parents, single working community members, and two-parent families of modest means."

"The City is pleased to celebrate with TCHP in the successful completion of the Jordan Lane Development project," said David Zappasodi, the executive director of the Arlington Housing Authority.

"Data shows that for the redeveloped lots, the average home value increased from $30,000 to $107,000---an average unit increase of $77,000," said Zappasodi. "The investment also benefited the city, county and school district by raising property values by over $845,000."