Fannie Mae Partnership

Fannie Mae has launched a new partnership with TCHP that will provide free, on-site counseling services for struggling homeowners in the greater Metroplex.

TCHP's designation by Fannie Mae as a Mortgage Help Network Partner is one of several Fannie Mae partnerships nationwide set up to help borrowers in the hardest hit areas

“Distressed homeowners facing economic hardships of varying degrees should know that free counseling is just a phone call or email away, and that our experienced staff is here to help each homeowner navigate through the myriad of options available to them,” said Jeff Hayward, Fannie Mae’s Senior Vice President, National Servicing Organization. “With one in every 281 Texas homes in foreclosure, and Dallas and Tarrant Counties ranking second and third in the state for the highest foreclosure rates, we are reaching out to thousands of local homeowners to help resolve their mortgage situation.”

TCHP's foreclosure prevention program allows homeowners to meet directly with dedicated on-site English- and Spanish-speaking staff to discuss their mortgage situation. These face-to-face meetings will help borrowers better understand the range of foreclosure prevention options available, advise them on how to resolve their mortgage situation, accelerate servicer response time and provide financial counseling.

Advisors can provide a full range of services, which include reviewing a borrower’s loan, discussing foreclosure alternatives, collecting the required documents for the federal Making Home Affordable Program and providing help to finalize any pending loan workout efforts. The foreclosure program is available for any troubled homeonwer in the DFW area, not just Tarrant or Dallas county residents, regardless of a homeowner's income level or which company owns the homeowner's mortgage.

To learn more, troubled homeowners should call TCHP at 817.924.5091 or the Homeowner’s HOPE™ Hotline at 888-995-HOPE, or visit Fannie Mae’s new consumer Web site,