Wells Fargo Partnership

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The grant, which is part of Wells Fargo’s Leading the Way Home® Priority Markets program, supports TCHP's ongoing efforts to provide affordable housing and mitigate the foreclosure crisis in the Fort Worth area.

Besides making a gift to TCHP, Wells Fargo also presented Builders of Hope CDC, a west Dallas housing organization, with a grant in the same amount. Both gifts were part of about $5 million in similar grants made in markets across the nation in 2010. Learn more.

“We are excited to partner with these two great organizations and contribute to their revitalizing neighborhoods in Dallas-Fort Worth that have been heavily impacted by foreclosures,” said John Gavin, Wells Fargo’s Regional President for Community Banking. “As always, our team members will be proud to augment these grants by volunteering their time and skills, fixing up properties and making them clean, safe places for people to live.”

“This grant will enhance our ability to fulfill our mission – revitalizing distressed neighborhoods and increasing the amount of affordable housing available to low and moderate-income families,” added Donna Van Ness, executive director of Tarrant County Housing Partnership. “We also appreciate Wells Fargo’s ongoing support.”