ADA Housing

If you're looking for ADA housing and wheelchair accessible homes in Tarrant County and the Ft. Worth area, let us help you find what you need.

The Fair Housing Act requires all covered multifamily dwellings to be wheel chair accessible and usable by people with disabilities. Covered multifamily dwellings are all dwelling units in buildings containing four or more units with one or more elevators, and all ground floor units in buildings containing four or more units, without an elevator.

The ADA primarily deals with general and wheelchair accessibility of public facilities such as restaurants, hotels, and parks. With respect to housing accessibility, Title II of the ADA covers housing provided by public entities (state and local governments), such as housing on a State university campus. Title III requires that public and common use areas at housing developments are accessible.

In 1996, HUD provided further guidance on ways to design and construct housing that complies with the Fair Housing Act by issuing the Fair Housing Act Design Manual.